Big City Dem Wants Bulletproof Glass Banned for Being Racist

We now live in a world where almost anyone and everything can and will be labelled a�?racist.a�? Some store owners in Philadelphia are the latest victims of the PC police.

Cindy Bass, a councilwoman from Philadelphiaa��s 8th District, has filed a bill which would make store owners take down Plexiglas in certain areas of town. According to Bass, having thick, safe Plexiglas up in a store is an insult and a�?an indignity.a�?

Essentially, Plexiglass is racist, or youa��re a racist if you have Plexiglas installed.

Zero Hedge reports that Yale sociology professor Elijah Anderson says that having Plexiglas up is a a�?symbol of distrusta�? in neighborhoods that are predominantly African-American. In other words, African-Americans are suffering from a�?microagressionsa�? when they enter one of these stores.

What this councilwoman is missing, though, is that the Plexiglas has nothing to do with race and everything to do with the crime rates in certain neighborhoods.

Sae Kim, a small business owner in the heart of North Philadelphia says, a�?The most important thing is our safety and the publica��s safety.a�?

Mr. Kim would know. His business has been threatened a�?numerous times,a�? according to a report by, but has never been successfully robbed thanks to the strong Plexiglas.

Another business owner, Bill Chow, recalls how Plexiglas saved his eyesight.

One day, a thug claimed that Chow had shorted him on change. As a result, the criminal threw bleach at him through an opening in the Plexiglass.

a�?Without (the window), ita��s going to be right in my face or right in my eyes. Luckily, I wasna��t hurt,a�? Chow said.

Bass, however, claims her bill doesna��t hurt anyone. a�?I would never want to be part of a bill that would put somebody in jeopardy,a�? she said.

She doesna��t seem to realize that we already have enough government overreach into small businesses as it is.

Watch some of the story below:

Adam Xu, the chairman of the Asian American Licensed Beverage Association, says that the decision to leave the Plexiglas up should be left to the owner. Hea��s absolutely right. The government has no right to force business owners to make themselves defenseless in the face of bad crime.

Therea��s a bigger issue here though, than just the Plexiglas.

Instead of giving facts or figures, or even presenting a half-decent reason for getting rid of the glass, this leftist has to fall back on a classic liberal tactic of crying racism. This happensA�all the timeA�when liberals cana��t get their way.

Herea��s a thought, councilwoman: Go after the crime in your district instead of targeting hardworking Americans paying for your salary.

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