BREAKING: Michelle Obama Reemerges To Make Disturbing Announcement

Therea��s a longstanding tradition in this country that former First Ladies retreat from the spotlight to give their successors a chance to lead unchallenged. Unfortunately, Michelle Obama is such an egomaniac that she is completely ignoring this tradition and trying to upstage Melania Trump at every turn.

Narcity reportedA�that Michelle just announced that she will be traveling to Toronto later this month toA�begin her first Canadian speaking engagement tour. Her first speaking engagement will be hostedA�by the Economic Club of Canada and Plan International Canada and will focusA�on promoting education and equality for women and girls around the world.

The event will be held on November 28A�in Toronto at the Mattamy Centre, and around 3,000 people are expected to attend.

This comes a week after Barack and Michelle Obama held the Obama Foundation Summit in Chicago.A�The Daily CallerA�reported that the event, whichA�attracted prominent Democratic politicians, fundraisers and celebrities, gave liberals the chance to pretend they dona��t live in Donald Trumpa��s America by doing yoga and writing down their hopes for the country on sidewalks with chalk. Liberals who attended the summit said it wasA�a�?therapeutica�? and represented a a�?sanity bubble.a�?

After everyone was forced to meditate and do yoga to start the day on Wednesday, they broke off in different session groups that had titles likeA�a�?The Adventure of Civilitya�? and a�?Who Narrates the World?.a�? In one of the sessions, participants were encouraged to write down what they were hopeful for on a chalk board. Some of the answers included,A�a�?we speak better and listen,a�? a�?Americans will see each other,a�? a�?my nephews can escape toxic masculinity.a�?

During the two-day event, attendeesA�invoked the phrase a�?the Presidenta�? to refer to former President Barack Obama, which just shows the level of denial they are in. When Michelle took the stage on Wednesday, she told the enraptured audience that the Obama Foundation willA�bring art, music and creativity to the residents of Chicago.

However, the mission of the broader Obama Foundation is still far more obscure, since the Obamas were careful to not say anything concrete about it. Obama himself described theA�summit as a a�?big brainstorming session.a�?

a�?Our goal is not to present some fixed theory of how change happens,a�? ObamaA�toldA�participants in his opening address. a�?Our goal is not a�� to pump you with a whole bunch of power point, dataA�and a blueprint for how you are going to go back and do the stuff youa��re already doingA�even better. Because, in many ways, we want to learn from you as much as we want to share what wea��ve learned.a�?

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