Cheerleaders Take A Knee During The National Anthem a�� Then The Unthinkable Happens

Over the past few months, hundreds of NFL players have been taking a knee during the national anthem to protest against President Donald Trump and against racial inequality. Now, it appears that these anti-American protests have trickled all the way down to high school cheerleaders who are trying to emulate these players by taking a knee as well.

Breitbart reported that instead of being penalized for this protest, two California high school cheerleaders were praised by National Public Radio for kneeling during the anthem before their games. One was also praised for writing her own Black Lives Matter-styled version of the a�?Star Spangled Banner.a�?

Cheerleaders Sasha Armbrester and Teana Boston of James Logan High School in Union City have been kneeling during the anthem for the last few months. They say that NFL player Colin Kaepernick a�?inspireda�? them to launch their protests, but, they also say their high school class work made them want to stand against the country, too.

Sasha wrote a piece for NPR published on December 1 in which she insisted that the a�?ethnic studiesa�? class she took in high school taught her that the U.S.A. is not a good place and made her reconsider standing in honor of the country during the national anthem. She said that her school classes taught her to look at American history a�?through a black lens.a�?

a�?We learned about suffering and that sometimes history isna��t even history. I was 10 when Trayvon Martin was shot, and the man who killed him didna��t even go to jail,a�? she wrote.

Sasha went on to say that she became a cheerleader to a�?become a role modela�? for others and, in her opinion, standing against the country was a good way of being a leader, as it was one a�?small thinga�? she could do to a�?call attention to racism.a�?

Sashaa��s version of the a�?Star Spangled Bannera�? is more race-oriented, with new lyrics alluding to the false a�?hands up, dona��t shoota�? slogan from Black Lives Matter.

a�?But there is something about this sight. He crawled in the street, hands spread out like his feet but he was still shot in his heart. And I dona��t get that part,a�? one new lyric states.

a�?I did my research on what I was really singing about,a�? Teana Boston told Sasha about her new lyrics, a�?and I have to realize that ita��s not the land of the free. So we have to not just say, yeah, freedom, yeah.a�?

Ita��s disgusting that these girls are being praised for disrespecting our nation and our flag. SHARE this story if you think these girls should be forced to stand for the anthem!