Chuck Norris Suing 11 Big Pharma Companies Over Wifea��s Poisoning

Film icon Chuck Norris is suing no less than 11 Big Pharma companies for what he believes to be the poisoning of his wife Gena and the subsequent cover-up.

If what hea��s saying is true, I dona��t blame him.

It all started with a series of MRIs his wife underwent due to her rheumatoid arthritis.

According to a statement Norris made on WND, gadolinium contrast dye a�� a substance used to make images clearer a�� was injected into her body.

Thata��s when the trouble really started.

a�?Those multiple MRIs yielded little about her arthritis, but they did give her gadolinium poisoning that nearly took her life, and then chronically led to gadolinium deposition disease,a�? he wrote.

a�?The following years have been riddled with debilitating bouts of pain and anguish, as we have literally traveled the globe in pursuit of alternative medicine that may help her recover.a�?

The symptoms Norris detailed are horrifying.

a�?Gena has experienced cognitive impairment, body pain/burning, kidney damage, loss of energy/mobility, muscle cramping and weakness and difficulty breathing, to name a few health issues,a�? he wrote. a�?Now, almost five years post-gadolinium poisoning, she continues to require regular stem cell therapies and other treatments to heal her central nervous system.a�?

Aside from the physical pain, the financial toll has been excessive a�� even for a movie star.

a�?Wea��ve spent almost $2 million in out-of-pocket medical expenses to save her and provide some quality of life,a�? he claimed.

a�?But we had to go outside of mainstream medicine to accomplish this. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration, or FDA, has still not approved the most common gadolinium removal treatment, chelation, which patients must seek out and pay for themselves.a�?

Chuck and Gena Norris feel called to fight what they perceive as a massive deception.

a�?Big Pharma and the FDA have told millions upon millions of MRI recipients that gadolinium-based contrast agents, or GBCAs, are harmless and flush quickly out of the human body. But nothing could be further from the truth,a�? he wrote.

In other words, the Norris family believe that the manufacturers of gadolinium know about the risks its use entails but are remaining mum about them.

If thata��s the case, this lawsuit could be major headline material for quite some time.

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