De Niro Appears as Humanitarian, Advocates for Disaster Relief…Now We Know Why

While Hollywood actor and loudmouth jerk Robert De Niro’s recent appeals to the world’s various nations to help rebuild those portions of the Caribbean island of Barbuda devastated by Hurricane Irma seemed altruistic at first, a closer inspection revealed the shameful sleaziness of it.

“We must act together to help the most vulnerable,” De Niro pleaded Monday at a United Nations meeting in New York, as reported by the The Associated Press.

“The recovery process will be a long, hard road. Barbudans must be a part of it, their homes repaired stronger, rebuilt stronger, new homes stronger. The immediate needs — power, water, food, medical care, animals sheltered — must be met.”

It sounds so sincere until you read between the lines.

According to Travel + Leisure magazine, De Niro and his business partner, James Packer, bought the K Club Resort on Barbuda last year, renamed it to Paradise Found Nobu and began plans to renovate it, much to the displeasure of locals.

“The purchase was a contentious debate on the island,” the magazine reported. “More than 300 of the island’s 1,500 residents signed a petition against the development, saying that it was excessive and illegal.”

Or sleazy, in other words … just like De Niro, wouldn’t you know it?

Unfortunately for the Hollywood actor, who’s worth an estimated $200 million, his plans to renovate his fancy resort came to a halt because of Hurricane Irma — and now all of a sudden he wants U.N. member states to fork over their money to purportedly rebuild Barbuda.

This raises a great question as asked by BizPac Review contributor Luis Miguel: “(H)ow much of any restoration money would go to the movie star’s resort?”

Moreover, does he really care about Barbuda’s residents, or is this all just a scheme to secure the funds needed to rebuild his resort?

Here’s what social media thinks about this possible scandal:

None of us can say for certain what’s in De Niro’s heart, but judging by his recent behavior, I wouldn’t put anything past him.

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