ESPN’s tepid response to Jemele Hill speaks volumes

Whether your political leanings are to the far left, far right, or just about anything in-between, everyone can agree that hypocrisy has no place in the world of journalism.

That’s why everyone should be able to agree that ESPN’s gross mishandling of employee Jemele Hill should be condemned.

Hill, 41, currently hosts the 6 P.M. edition of “SportsCenter,” also referred to as “SC6.”

Hill went on a Twitter rampage Monday night, hurling intense accusations at President Donald Trump.

She had many more tweets about Trump, getting into a wide range of arguments with Twitter users.

ESPN responded with one of the most pathetic and half-hearted statements ever.

That’s it. No elaboration on any possible discipline, apology or remorse.

But here’s the biggest problem: The network’s statement reeks of such hypocrisy that it’s nauseating.

ESPN parted ways with conservative Curt Schilling for social media posts that some may have found as inflammatory as Hill’s. Going even further back, ESPN parted ways conservative Rush Limbaugh for comments he made about Donovan McNabb.

Being fired is not an insignificant punishment, but Hill seems to have escaped a similarly thorny situation with nary a scratch.

Whether you agree or disagree with Schilling, Limbaugh or Hill is irrelevant. The point is that ESPN set a precedent for the punishment of politically inflammatory comments. And their flagrant disregard for that is a sickening double standard.

Could you imagine the swift reaction and punishment doled out by ESPN if an employee had accused former President Barack Obama and his supporters of being a “black supremacist” or something of that ilk?

And again, whatever one’s personal feelings about Obama or Trump are isn’t the point here. Freedom of thought and opinion is a hallmark of the American identity. But when those opinions and thoughts can only serve one side of the political spectrum, that isn’t freedom. That’s propaganda.

It’s no wonder ESPN is losing viewers in droves. Hypocrisy is the enemy of all decent human beings, regardless of personal beliefs.

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