Herea��s The Sick Reason George Soros Is In The US Right Now a�� Look Who Hea��s Meeting Witha��

Liberal billionaire George Soros has spent the past year desperately trying to hatch a plan to force President Donald Trump out of office. Now, it appears that he is finally making his move.

New reports have revealed that Soros and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi were listed as the main attractions at a California gathering of the anti-Trump elite on Friday. The secretive four-day event, which is taking place in the posh Carlsbad area, was titled a�?Beyond #Resistance: Reclaiming our Progressive Futurea�? and asked that ita��s guests refrain from contacting the media or posting to social media about the event, or what went on in it.

The event was put together by the Democracy Alliance, a donor club of extremely rich communist donors mostly from California and asks that each member pledge to direct hundreds of thousands of dollars in funding to approved extreme left-wing groups. Continuing ita��s tradition of secrecy, the Democracy Alliance promised all members and guests of the summit that their participation would a�?remain confidential.a�?

Other speakers included U.S. Senator Kamala Harris from California and Amy Klobuchar Senator from Minnesota, U.S. Representative Ben Ray Lujan from Minnesota and Democrats Governor Tom Wolf of Pennsylvania and Governor-elect Ralph Northam of Virginia. CNN contributor and Communist, Van Jones, plus The Center for American Progress CEO, Neera Tanden, were listed as guest speakers.

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