Hillary Fans Won’t Be Happy When They See What Clinton Did on Election Night as the Polls Collapsed

Hillary’s new election tell-all book entitled “What Happened” hit shelves Tuesday.

We got ourselves a copy here at IJR. Here is an interesting nugget we found about what Hillary decided to do on election night after the polls began to turn against her.

She napped.

That’s right. On the night when she stood to be the leader of the free world, as the polls were set ablaze and Democratic stronghold states historically swung for her opponent, surrounded by Secret Service, campaign aides, and donors, Hillary Clinton made the decision that she was too tired to take it all and slept.

As the crucial states of Iowa, Florida, Ohio, and North Carolina were called for Trump, here is where the Clinton campaign team was, according to Hillary:

Bill Clinton: chomping on a cigar.

Chelsea Clinton: worrying.

Robby Mook: nervous.

Rest of the Clinton staff: hair on fire, hari-kari.

Clinton supporters: crying in the Jarvis Center.

Candidate Hillary Clinton: taking a nice nap.

Don’t believe me? Read this passage, in her own words:

But don’t worry! When Clinton awoke from her slumber, there were whiskey and many flavors of ice cream available!

Trump would go on to win.

Hillary would go on to have plenty more nap time and dream of campaigning in Wisconsin.