Illegals Block Freeway to Riot Against Trump a�� Watch Them Get a NASTY DOSE OF JUSTICE

Liberals in this country have made a habit of blocking traffic to force people to pay attention to their ridiculous protests. After seeing this, a group of illegal immigrants in Texas decided to try out this strategy themselves for a protest against Donald Trump.

Unfortunately for these protestors, things didna��t quite go so well for them.

Fifteen immigrant rights supporters were arrested outside the Texas Capitol after they blocked traffic in an effort to defend existing immigrant protections and demand permanent legal status.

a�?Ia��m doing this for my family and sisters who are undocumented and my 6 month-old son so he can live in a world where human dignity is respected,a�? shouted Manuel Ramirez as he was arrested, according to The Texas Observer. Ramirez explained that he has been undocumented for 20 years but recently got permanent legal status, which was why he said he could a�?put [his] life on the line.a�?

Police said that the 15 protesters have been charged with obstructing a highway, a Class B misdemeanor, and range in age from 20 to 42.

a�?After repeated requests by DPS officials to leave the roadway were ignored, the suspects were arrested without incident,a�? said DPS staff sergeant Victor Taylor in a statement.

a�?I benefited from DACA, but I knew that was always temporary and didna��t benefit everyone in our community such as my parents,a�? said Catalina Adorno, an activist from San Antonio, while in handcuffs. a�?There are some serious risks [to getting arrested] buta�� I know that all the small victories the immigrant community has had were the result of people taking risks.a�?

This comes as President Trump continues to crack down on illegal immigration as top priority of his presidency. Clearly, illegal aliens all over the country are feeling the heat as Trump continues with this push.

H/T Daily Sentry
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