Joy Reid Claims That Tucker Carlson Is Just As Bad As A Rapist Because He Works At Fox News

MSNBCa��s Joy Reid attacked Tucker Carlson for daring to insult Democratic sexual predator Harvey Weinstein. Weinstein is not just being accused of sexual assault, but now there are rape allegations against him.

a�?The two biggest hypocrites on this, I have to say, are Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlsona�� They had lots to say about Harvey Weinstein. And you know what? What they said about Harvey Weinstein is true. But, I mean, theya��re sitting in the seats of Bill Oa��Reilly, sitting in his chair,a�? said Reid.

Apparently if someone is accused of sexual assault you need to throw out their chair. However, there is a huge difference between Weinstein and Bill Oa��Reilly. Weinstein has admitted guilt, he has said that he needs to change. The charges against Weinstein are far more severe and numerous. The allegations against Oa��Reilly were flimsy and totally unproven.

She then red a tweet from Carlson. a�?It is time for justice for Harvey Weinstein. He is a serial predator,a�? said the tweet. a�?Hea��s sitting in Bill Oa��Reillya��s chair! At Roger Ailesa�? network!a�? she said again. As if that has meaning.

For whatever reason, Reid wants to silence Conservatives who she should be siding with. We should all be able to come together and condemn the actions of Harvey Weinstein. No matter what chair you sit in. Check out the video below.