Libs Celebrated This a�?Bravea�? Crying Illegala�� Then Sleuths Found the Truth

The liberal narrative about a�?DREAMersa�? is falling apart.

The left showcases young illegal aliens who will be affected by the elimination of former President Barack Obamaa��s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program for illegal immigrants, and pretends that they are upstanding citizens just like you and mea�� but some inconvenient facts are ruining that social justice fantasy.

One of the anti-Trump brigadea��s poster children recently received attention by crying on camera at the prospect of immigration laws being enforced. Now, internet sleuths have uncovered evidence that makes the tearful DREAMer look far from innocent.

Karen Caudillo was featured in a Guardian news piece and a now-viral video where she burst into tears at the prospect of returning to Mexico, where she was born.

a�?Ia��ve been fighting for so long to be able to sustain myself, to go to school, to be productive,a�? she sobbed during an interview at the nationa��s Capitol. a�?And it just feels like everything is going to waste because I could go back to Mexico.a�?

At first glance, Caudillo is a good example of why the DACA program was put in place as an executive action by Obama a�� despite his own repeated admissions that the president had no authority to make laws on his own.

After all, shea��s a bright young lady who is doing her best to follow the lawa�� right?

Wrong a�� at least if new evidence is correct.

Online gumshoes who are part of the so-called a�?/pol/a�? group on began digging into Caudillo and made some startling discoveries.

It appears that the poster child for a�?innocent DREAMersa�? may have possibly been illegally registered to vote in the last election, and also illegally donated to a political action committee.

A screenshot posted on the /pol/ group appeared to showA�Caudillo on a list of registered voters under her full legal name. If true, this would be against the law for a non-citizen.

The next piece of evidence is arguably even more damning. The officialA�Federal Election Commission databaseshows Caudillo as a donor to a left-leaning political action committee.

Like voting, ita��s illegal for a non-citizen to give money to a PAC. a�?Foreign nationals are prohibited from making any contributions or expenditures in connection with any election in the U.S.,a�? explainsA�the FEC.

Further research about Caudillo revealed that she is an outspoken activist for Bernie Sanders, and frequently begs for handouts on sitesA�such as GoFundMeA�a�� including repeatedly asking for money for trips around the U.S. and to Mexico.

One has to wonder how Mexico would respond to a foreign citizen living illegally in, say, Guadalajara, while constantly trying to influence Mexicoa��s elections and refusing to respect the countrya��s laws.

This evidence about Caudillo a�� if confirmed a�� essentially proves Trumpa��s point about many illegal aliens. In an unfortunate number of cases, immigrants who are in the U.S. illegally are not doing everything possible toA�follow the lawA�and assimilate. Instead, they sadly look for ways to bend the rules on other peoplea��s dime.

It is possible to be sympathetic to anyone searching for a better life, while also insisting that they follow the law. In the case of this DREAMer, it looks like respecting the law is low on her priority list.


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