Photos: The 7 a�?Most Texasa�? Signs Spotted in Houston After Harvey

The phrase a�?dona��t mess with Texasa�? has been used to describe a lot of things a�� but it has taken on a very serious meaning in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.

As communities along the gulf coast are still reeling from the storm and the flood waters left in its path, a new problem has emerged: Looting.

You might think that crooks would know better than to try to steal from some of the most well-armed people in the country, but some have apparently not received the message.

In order to make the situation crystal clear, a number of citizens have started propping up anti-looting signs, and they just might be the most Texas things ever.

a�?You come down this street looking for problems, youa��re gonna get shot,a�? one Houston homeowner toldA�Fox News.

Their sign wasted no time in explaining the life-and-death nature of the problem. a�?Nothing inside worth dying for,a�? it said in bold letters alongside a target illustration.

Here are seven of those signs that prove the spirit of self defense and self reliance is still alive in The Lone Star State.


Under Texas law, citizens are permitted under the so-called a�?Castle Doctrinea�? to defend their habitation with deadly force. This means that if an intruder or looter physically enters an occupied house, the homeowner is within their rights to fire.

The law doesna��t allow a person to shoot a trespasser on sight if they havena��t entered a residence. However, lethal force is justified under Texas law if looting takes place under certain circumstances.

a�?The use of deadly force to protect property is contained inA�Texas Penal Code A�9.42. This section of the law lays out a couple of scenarios where you are justified in reasonably using deadly force to protect your property,a�? explainedA�U.S. Law Shield.

a�?The first is if someone is committing trespass or interference with your property and you must reasonably use deadly force to prevent arson, burglary, robbery, aggravated robbery, theft during the nighttime or criminal mischief during the nighttime,a�? stated the legal defense firm.

a�?If someone is unlawfully on your property and attempting to commit any of these crimes, you will gain the legal justification for using deadly force,a�? continued the legal explanation.

Protecting peoplea��s homes against roving criminals is a perfect example of why the Second Amendment exists a�� and ita��s fitting that no-nonsense Texans are the ones putting it to good use.

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