Socialist Health Care Nightmare a�� Canadian Docs Say 4-5 Year Wait Times Happening

We dona��t have to look far to see the horror of socialized health care.

In fact, ita��s just over the northern border.

Ontario doctor Joy Hataley shared a recent experience she had while trying to refer a new patient to a specialist, and it is a nightmare.

Hataley told Canadaa��s CTV News that she recently tried to refer a patient to a neurologist at the Kingston General Hospital in Ontario and was shocked to discover that the wait time for new patients is a whopping 4.5 years.

She received a letter from the specialista��s office that informed her about the wait time. The letter also said that if she found the delay a�?unacceptable,a�? she should refer the patient to a neurologist in Ottawa or Toronto.

The doctor did find it unacceptable and shared a photo of the letter on Twitter.

Kingston Health Sciences Centre told CTV News Toronto that such delays were challenging, but that the particular neurologist Hataley sought an appointment with is in high demand and receives a�?referrals from a very large catchment area.a�?

Hataley said that her patient would likely choose to see a different specialist, adding that such decisions come at a cost.

a�?This is an alarm bell,a�? the doctor said. a�?What it is to me is a red flag to the system.a�?

a�?Initially I was just a bit stunned. I actually thought I misread it,a�? she told CTV News Toronto.

a�?I put my reading glasses on a�� because I am that age a�� to check if it was a 1.5. I couldna��t fathom it was a 7.5. I walked to a physiciana��s room nearby me just to verify that I was actually reading 4.5,a�? Hataley said.

a�?Who knows what happens in 4.5 years. Will we even remember that we had a consult? Will we still be on the list? What was actually going to happen in 4.5 years?a�? she asked.

Sadly, Hataley told CTV this is a problem shea��s been dealing with for the 20 years shea��s been a practicing physician.

a�?I sense that this is not a problem, I perceive, to be in isolation. This issue is an issue for people across the country,a�? she said.

a�?I dona��t think this is the norm by any stretch of the imagination, but (the fact that) it even occurs at all is shocking,a�? she added.

Shea��s right. Ita��s sad to think that doctors must direct their energy on issues like wait times instead of simply focusing on patient health.

However, this is the reality of socialized medicine.

And it is a sad reality that Democrats are trying to sell Americans.


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